Record Shop Advertising Stickers, Stamps & Handstamps

(A work in progress since October 2007)

Music Shops around the world took the opportunity to advertise themselves through sticking small labels onto the items in stock, or handstamps onto record sleeves.  
These labels are usually stickers or seals, but some were quite stamp-like, while others, especially those from sheet music, were paper rectangles.
All can be classified as Cinderellas, and are quite collectable in their own right. Most date from the 1920s & 30s, although a very few are earlier, and some are obviously later off LP sleeves.
While collecting copyright stamps, it is easy to form a parallel collection of these labels.  No catalogue exists, so this online listing is a first step.

Stickers & Stamps


1. New Zealand  A-C   D-F  G-I  J-M  N-R  S-Z


2. Australia A-C  D-F  G-I  J-M  N-R  S-U  V-Z


3. Great Britain   A-M    N-Z


4. Rest of the World   A-M   N-Z



1. New Zealand  A-F   G-O   P-Z  

Adam Miller

Last update June 2023

Thanks for additional material to S. Chivers, Clare G., David Y., George B & Stephen J.