The Advertising record sleeves of New Zealand’s Record Stores


From the early years of the 20th Century record stores produced sleeves that advertised themselves and their wares.

These were usually 10”, but 12” and 7” are also found.  These sleeves could be plain sleeves, envelopes with a flap, or bags.




Often the record buyer would convert a shop bag into a sleeve by the simple means of cutting a hole in the centre to view the label.

The sleeves could be paper, thin card or later plastic bags.

The store could use a generic design such as HMV’s or produce their own elaborate design.
Usually the design was printed on only one side, but sometimes both were used.

The following catalogue is a simple alphabetical display of those so far found issued by record stores (and other stores also selling records) across New Zealand. 
Most are for 78rpm discs.  Click on the image for a larger image (@150dpi).

A-C    D-F     G-I     J-M     N-R     S-U    V-Z    Handstamped



Since July 2018 the bulk of these sleeves now form part of the Adam Miller Collection within the Archive of New Zealand Music at the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Descriptive records for the sleeves are available for browsing under the reference ATL-Group-00302 at the following URL:


(Last updated 13 July 2023)

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