The basic value of 78rpm records in New Zealand



These records have some collector interest for the reasons noted.  If you have lots of ones like this, you may be onto a good thing.


An obscure Australian “ethnic” label, of which there were a few. 
Label interest mainly, the music is generally not up to much.


Here’s another in the same vein.

TANZA was the first label to be fully recorded and pressed in New Zealand. 
Many people locally collect them.


Zodiac was similar to TANZA, but is less popular now. Stebbing is another local label worth looking out for.

Capitol did quite a few comedy pressings.


So did Coral.  Some are even still funny.

An Australian label from the 1930s. 
There is some good dance band music on some of these.


Johnny Cooper has a New Zealand following.  Other famous New Zealanders you may find on common labels includes Frances Alda, Rosina Buckman (both early sopranos), Inia Te Wiata and Oscar Natzke (both basses) and Tex Morton (C&W singer).


The attractive Vocalion label can have some interesting items.


Rexophone was an import label for Australia around WW1.  Similar early labels which can be of interest include Rondophone, Universal, Kalophone and Colonial.


A famous recording.

A specialist C&W label.  Similar material is often found on the Rodeo, Tasman & Pacific labels.


Pre-WW1 English "shop" label
Attractive US label 1924, comic monologue.

A famous orchestra doing W.C. Handy's jazz tune
Yellow Dog Blues
. 1919
A much later US jazz record, 1940s

1930s flexible, single sided cardboard Durium record,
two tracks on the one side.  
Many are warped and cracked but a good one will
sound quieter than most other 78s.
Mid-1920s US record "dumped" on the Australian market.  Some interesting material turns up, including couplings not released in this form in the US.

gennett in sleeve
Gennett records can have some very interesting collectable early jazz and blues.  Most are less interesting although Bailey's Lucky Seven were an early banjo-jazz outfit.  1924.
With original sleeve, though, it really becomes Very Interesting.

Domino record in sleeve
Domino were another 1920s labels to be dumped in Australasia.  
They were pressed in an attractive brown material.  
Most tunes are popular songs of the day.
But their rare original sleeves were very attractive.

1916 Victor "Rural Comedy"
1903 Victor Monarch, of interest because of its extreme age.

Country blues on UK Parlophone
Later UK reissue of a Kid Ory Classic. If only it was the original!

Will Bradley jazz - not a bad disc really.
ATP - obscure French label with regional Basque tunes.  Some may find this Really Interesting.

A rare pre-WW1 UK label.  Let down by not being a very interesting tune, sadly.