The basic value of 78rpm records in New Zealand




These records have little or no collector interest for the reasons noted.  If you have lots of ones like this, bad luck.


Mary is often found with her husband, Les Paul.


No one likes Ken Griffin any more.

Guy Mitchell – more middle-of-the-road stuff from the 50s


Winifred Atwell is everywhere.

Ronnie who?

Fats Domino does appear on some local London pressings, sadly this is Mitchell Torok.

Many film songs of the 50’s appear on this label.  Only a very few are performed by someone noteworthy like Jayne Mansfield, or Fred Astaire.

Light orchestral music.

Comedy does not normally date well.
“Take my wife…please!”


Gilbert & Sullivan.

In the 1950’s there was a brief flurry of labels featuring religious music.


Another label featuring religious music.

A typical 1940s offering from HMV.

A middle-of-the road 1950s emission from Australia, although pressed in New Zealand.

Most items on the Philips label are pretty dull nowadays.

And the same for Radiola.

Late Louis Armstrong

Another run of the mill Radiola

De Groot & the Piccadilly Orchestra.  Popular music of the 1930s.  Not sought after today.

Tito Schipa - one of a mumber of popular tenors on HMV.

NZ pressed TEMPO, Organ music.

Balalaika Orchestra medley.  No thanks!